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Sample Thank You Note – HamiltonExplore

Dear Mr./Ms./Dr._________,

1st paragraph - Use this paragraph to thank the host for taking the time to meet with you.

Thank you for allowing me to visit you yesterday. I realize that this took time away from your regular responsibilities, and I am grateful for all the information that you were able to provide regarding your job at [name of employer].

2nd paragraph – Talk about what you enjoyed during the visit and how the visit helped you solidify your career interests.

Last night, I talked to my family about my experience at [name of employer]. I became more convinced that I want to pursue a career in [career field]. I am glad you gave me ideas about which classes I should take while at Hamilton. I plan to take more math and computer classes next year as you suggested.
I found the tour of the facility and the career-related information you shared to be extremely valuable. Being able to talk to you and your colleagues helped me learn more about the field and confirm my interest. I specifically enjoyed attending a staff meeting to experience some of the everyday issues that can arise in an office setting. Thank you for answering all of my questions; the information was very educational.

3rd paragraph – Reiterate your appreciation for their time.

Thank you again for giving me this valuable learning experience.


[your name] '16