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Career Center
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How to Apply

Step 1:

Search for opportunities in HamNET: under the "Jobs" tab, click on "HamiltonExplore Postings". Then follow the instructions for HamiltonExplore at the top of the search screen.

Make note of your top four organizations.

Step 2:

Prepare thoughtful answers to the following questions, preferably one page in length:

a) List both the job title and employer name of your top four organizations, in order of preference
b) Why did you choose these four organizations?
c) What is your reason for participating in HamiltonExplore?
d) Make sure to include your name and cell phone number at the top of the page

Your answers to these questions will help us make a beneficial match.

Step 3:

Upload your resume and essay to your "documents" folder on HamNET. Make sure that your name is on your essay. Note: uploading documents is not the same as applying!

  • Don't have a resume? Refer to our Resume Resources for assistance. This resume may be a rough draft as it is only for indicating your interest in participating in HamiltonExplore; matching will not be based on the resume.
  • Never logged into HamNET? Review our instructions  for creating a profile and uploading your resume and essay.

Step 4:

Apply as early as October 1 (sophomores)  and October 14 (juniors) by submitting your resume (even if just your first draft!) and essay to each of your top four opportunities. Students will be matched with opportunities on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is in your best interest to apply early. Applications will be accepted through October 20. 

After you've applied....

Step 5:

Polish your resume draft and get it approved by the Career Center. This typically takes two appointments with a peer advisor. 150+ students are likely to participate in HamiltonExplore and peer advisor schedules fill up quickly so call the Career Center at 315-859-4346 to schedule an appointment.

Step 6:

Attend a mandatory pre-departure workshop. In HamNET, select "Events", then "Workshops" and RSVP for "HamiltonExplore Pre-departure workshop" (several will be offered).
Note: You will not receive contact information for your sponsor until your resume is approved and you have attended a pre-departure workshop!