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Sample e-mail to make initial contact with shadow sponsor:

Dear Mr./Ms./Dr.____________:

Thank you for your willingness to be a sponsor for the HamiltonExplore career shadowing program. I look forward to learning more about your work at [name of employer]. I am available any day between January 2nd and the 17th other than [date(s) you are not available] when I have a prior commitment. Please let me know what day would be most convenient for you to have me shadow you and what time I should arrive. It would also be helpful to know any specific instructions for getting to your office as well as appropriate attire. If you prefer to reply by phone, my number is xxx-yyy-zzzz.

[You may wish to include information about yourself such as your intended major, career interests, relevant volunteer work, etc.]

Attached is my resume to give you a sense of what I have been involved with at Hamilton. I look forward to meeting you.


John/Jane Doe '16