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Awards and Assistance Programs


Fellowships are awarded to graduating seniors to assist them in furthering their education.

The Manley F. Allbright Fellowship, established by Mrs. Manley F. Allbright in memory of her husband, a member of the Class of 1903, provides funds for the first year of graduate study in a divinity school.

The Samuel F. Babbitt Kirkland College Fellowship, named in honor of the first and only president of Kirkland College, is awarded to the female graduate who best exemplifies the spirit of individual learning that was associated with Kirkland College, to assist her in meeting the expenses of pursuing an advanced degree.

The Bristol Fellowship began in 1996 as part of a gift to Hamilton by William M. Bristol, Jr., Class of 1917. Created by his family, this fellowship is designed to encourage Hamilton students to experience the richness of the world by living outside the United States while pursuing a project of deep personal interest.

The James H. Glass Fellowship, established by Dr. James H. Glass, M.A. (Hon.) 1912, is granted for two years of graduate study in biology to any member of the senior class who has demonstrated a high order of scholarly attainment in general and has shown marked ability and special aptitude for research in biology.

The Hamilton College Fellowship at Vanderbilt Law School or Washington and Lee  Law School is awarded to Hamilton graduates who are attending law school at  Vanderbilt or Washington and Lee. Recipients may be reappointed for subsequent  years of study at either school.

The George Watson's College, Edinburgh, Scotland, Teaching Assistantship was established as an exchange between George Watson's and Hamilton to provide a recent graduate with a comprehensive teaching opportunity.

The Hamilton Fellow at George Watson's College in Edinburgh, Scotland, serves as an internship in teaching, extracurricular activities and dormitory counseling.

The Franklin D. Locke Fellowship was established under a provision of the Chauncey S. Truax Prize and provides an award for graduate study in Greek.

The Henry M. Love Fellowship, established by William D. Love, Class of 1909, provides a scholarship for relatives of Henry M. Love, Class of 1883, or, when no such relative is at the College, may be awarded to a senior in the Emerson Literary Society for graduate study leading to a career in law, medicine, journalism, teaching or theology.

The Elihu Root Fellowships, established in 1894 by Elihu Root, Class of 1864, are granted to members of the senior class who have shown high achievement and special aptitude for research in one or more of the departments of science and who plan to pursue graduate study in science.

USA Today All-Academic Team honors students who have challenged themselves ­academically and have extended their academic and broader intellectual abilities beyond the classroom to benefit their schools, their communities and society.

The Judge John Wells Fellowship provides a stipend for graduate work in the general areas of government and political science to any member of the senior class who has demonstrated a high order of scholarly attainment in general and has shown marked ability and special aptitude for research in political science.

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