Friday, Third Week of Advent
December 21, 2007

Majesty in the Midst of Mundane

"The noise and the bustle began earlier than usual in the village. As night gave way to dawn, people were already on the streets. Vendors were positioning themselves on the corners of the most heavily traveled avenues.  Store owners were unlocking the doors to their shops.  Children were awakened by the excited barking of the street gods and the complaints of donkeys pulling carts.

The owner of the inn had awakened earlier than most in the town. After all, the inn was full, all the beds taken.  Every available mat or blanket had been put to use.  Soon all the customers would be stirring and there would be a lot of work to do.
One's imagination is kindled thinking about the conversation of the innkeeper and his family at the breakfast table.  Did anyone mention the arrival of the young couple the night before?  Did anyone ask about their welfare?......
....No, it was doubtful that anyone mentioned the couple's arrival or wondered about the condition of the girl.  They were too busy.  The day was upon them.  The day's bread had to be made.  The morning's chores had to be done.  There was too much to do to imagine that the impossible had occurred.
God had entered the world as a baby.
Excerpted from Max Lucado, One Incredible Moment: Celebrating the Majesty of the Manger

Offered by Sharon Werning Rivera
Assistant Professor of Government