Monday, Fourth Week of Advent

"Home Is Where They Have to Take You In..."

Our family is about to head out for a Christmas celebration down in North Carolina. I know many of you will be gathering with family and friends. Some, I'm sure are wildly excited about getting together. Others may be feeling the dread of certain family dynamics. Others may be feeling the empty nest syndrome. But whoever is around you this Christmas, the wonderful thing about them is, you know without a doubt that these are people with whom you belong, for whom you are important, and from whom you learn an important lesson about the kingdom of God: that it's a family where all of God's children belong -- with their beauty, their failings, their cranberry relish you have to eat again, and their fundamental acceptance of you as belonging here, and their expecting of you to receive them in the same way.

May you receive that blessing from the child, the new life, to be born in your hearts this Christmas and always.
Merry Christmas everybody,
Jeff McArn, College Chaplain