Friday, Second Week of Advent

Nothing is impossible with God.
--Luke 1:37

When Trust Overcomes Worry

The aroma of homemade krumkake from my parents' care package calls me immediately back to the Christmases of childhood, to my paternal grandparents' cozy house in the suburbs. The glistening tree squeezes the furniture to the edges of the living room where we sit, ten cousins to the little couch for a picture. I am twelve. My grandmother tells me, "God has a plan for your life."

This specific reassurance has been reiterated by my grandmother since I was old enough to worry about the future. I vaguely understood worry to be sinful, but the idea only ever gave me something else to worry about. My grandmother, a wise and wonderful woman, could see right into my heart. Instead of trying to chastise this harmful tendency out of me, she would comfort me that all my worries were in God's hands. For Him, nothing is impossible.

Take Mary, for example. What dreams and wishes must she have had for herself? What worries did she have for her future? When God made His plan for her life clear, she could have questioned Him. How can a virgin give birth? How can she explain herself? What about her reputation? How will her family react? Her fiancé? But, Mary did not worry. She found peace through her trust in God. I find special comfort in the knowledge that although I may be lost, God has a plan for me, and though I will confront impossible situations, I have a God who is greater than my challenges.

So, I will try to put my worries about finals, family and the future into God's infinitely capable hands. I will remember that God has a special purpose for me, and I can trust Him to take care of the little details.

--Kim Olsen ‘16