Article I - Name
The name of this organization shall be Hamilton College Hillel.

Article II - Purpose
The purpose of this organization shall be to provide, promote, and foster a climate that the Jewish community can assemble and share their customs.

Article III – Membership
This organization, open to all members of the Hamilton Community, complies with all State and Federal laws and Hamilton College policies on non-discrimination. This organization supports and encourages respect for political, religious, ethnic, racial, physical, generational, sexual and affectional, and intellectual differences because such respect promotes free and open inquiry, independent thought, and mutual understanding.

Article IV – Hazing
This organization complies with all State and Federal laws and Hamilton College policies on hazing. This organization recognizes hazing to be any action taken or situation created to inflict physical or mental discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule upon an individual or group. Further, the members of this organization understand that any individual or group found responsible for hazing will be subject to disciplinary action, which may result in probation, suspension, or revocation of College recognition.

Article V – Officers
The officer pool of this organization shall consist of two co-presidents, a treasurer, and secretary.

Article VII – Advisor
The advisor will be the Jewish chaplain and will have a close relationship to the organization. He/she will not have voting rights, although his/her opinion may be voiced.

Article VIII – Meetings
General membership meetings will be held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Officer and Executive Board meetings will be held on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Topics to be voted on will be determined by the officers and votes will take place at general meetings.

Article IX – Committees
There are committees for Shabbat, Events/Holidays, and Fundraising. Each committee is in charge of organizing and carrying out the events or jobs tasked to them by the Executive Board. New committees can be added as necessary.

Article X – Sanctioning, Impeachment, and Removal
Any member who wishes to join will not be in danger of being removed from the organization. Committee members may be removed from his/her committee if he/she continually fails to carry out the events or jobs tasked to them.

Article XI – Rules of Procedure
Meetings are called to order by the co-presidents whereupon the content of the agenda is set out. Topics discussed include organization of future events and planning of fundraisers among others. If necessary, issues are voted on by members of the group. Minutes are kept by the secretary.

Article XII – Amendments
Amendments may be proposed by any member of the group and will be voted upon by the officers.


Article I – Duties of Officers
The co-presidents are in charge of organizing the direction in which the organization is to move and to delegate tasks within the organization. The treasurer keeps track of all spending and all income of the organization. He/she is responsible for the financial soundness of the organization. The secretary takes meeting notes and delivers information regarding the organization to the student body.

Article I – Duties of the Advisor
The advisor will serve as a liaison between other Hillel organizations, faculty members on campus, and other aspects of the organization that require his/her attention. He/she will be present at all meetings, and will assist in logistical matters.

Article I – Elections
Officers may stay in office unless members of organization express interest in election to board, whereupon elections may take place.

Article I – Finances
An allotted sum is supplied by the chaplaincy every year. Additional funds needed for event planning are requested from student assembly through submission of a budget proposal by organization’s treasurer. Funds may also be requested from alumni and parents. Dues will not be collected.

Article I – Activities
Hillel is responsible for hosting all Jewish religious holidays. Attendance of events is highly encouraged amongst organization members.