Protestant Chapel Community

Weekly Sunday Protestant Chapel Services

There are two different weekly worship services on campus.  The services are unique, providing for the varied backgrounds of Hamilton students.

Morning Service – 10 am

Community Chapel – 4 pm

Musical Spirituality

We are blessed with two Praise and Worship Teams, one for each of our chapel services: 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Both services invite various musicians and ensembles to help bring the spirit to life. We are currently seeking new leadership in our Gospel Choir community to bring Gospel Music back to Hamilton College.

Spiritual Retreats

At least once per semester, a chance to get off-campus in a cabin with a wood-burning stove by a pond to reflect on spiritual life, sacred texts, and deeper connections.

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Theological Inquiry Experience

A group of 8 - 10 students from a range of Christian backgrounds, exploring ways to deepen faith commitments, theological understandings and community life.
One-hour meeting per week on Fridays at 4 pm...

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Individual Study Opportunities

Engage in an independent study – for credit or non-credit – in areas including:
• Intro to Christian Theology & Creeds
• Intro to the Bible (Old & New Testaments)
• Protestant Religious History in America

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