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Costs 2015-2017

We’ve just added a new feature - your term deposits can now be made online!  To start the process, please go to the following link:


Our system accepts American Express, Visa and Mastercard. 

Please make sure to complete your online application immediately following your deposit, especially the billing section!

If students/parents want to pay tuition online, please see the link below.
This is called One Time Payment Gateway. Students can begin using this option after they have received their first paper bill.  Also, you will need your student ID# which you can find on your paper bill.

Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 = $12,700


Effective Summer 2015:

Summer:  $6,900
Summer/Fall combined:  $19,800
Fall:  $13,400
Fall/Spring combined:  $26,200
Spring:  $13,400
Spring/Summer combined:  $19,800



2014-2015 Academic Year Cost Breakdown

Summer 2015 Semester Tuition Breakdown
(Total cost - $6,900)

Tuition (charged by Minzu, instructional cost, classroom rental, classroom supplies, teaching equipment, etc..) $4,611.00
Room:  1,089.00
Field trips:  400.00
Local excursions: 200.00
Chinese tables: 50.00
Extracurricular activities: 100.00
Registration & fees by Minzu: 250.00
Other: 200.00

Academic Semester Tuition Breakdown
(Total cost - $12,700 -Fall 2014/Spring 2015)

Tuition (charged by Minzu, instructional cost, classroom rental, classroom supplies, teaching equipment, etc..) $7,702.00
Room: 2,000.00
Field trips: 1,248.00
Local excursions: 500.00
Chinese tables: 150.00
Extracurricular activities: 350.00
Registration & fees by Minzu: 250.00
Other: 500.00

Travel to and from Beijing is not included.  Students should plan on spending between $1,650 and $1,800 for a round trip flight.

All other costs, such as fees for visas, passports, inoculations, accident and medical insurance  and personal expenses, are not included. Students are also responsible for their own meals. Students should expect to spend the following per semester on food:  Summer, $600; Fall, $950, Spring, $950.  Please contact the ACC office for cost estimates. Students should check with the financial aid office at their home institutions concerning availability of financial aid. Limited need-based, merit scholarships are available.

If you are accepted, the following are the deposit amounts for each term (this will also be noted in your acceptance letter):
Fall:   $550
Spring:  $600
Summer:  $300
Summer/Fall:  $700
Fall/Spring:  $900
Spring/Summer:  $800