Associated Colleges in China

ACC Chinese Language Summer Youth Camp

Summer 2014 application Checklist

Deadline for all application materials to be submitted: April 11, 2014

If possible, please enclose all items in the same packet to the address below. You may also fax all forms to 315-859-4222 or email to accfsk12@hamilton.edu.

1. Application Form

Complete the Application Form with the most recent information.

2. Chinese Teacher Recommendation Form

Please request a Chinese teacher to complete the Chinese Teacher Recommendation Form.

3. School Transcript with Chinese Grades

All applicants must request their latest school transcript (to include Chinese grades) to be faxed or mailed.

4. Health Records Form

All applicants should have a Health Records Form completed by a physician.
(Form must be received no later than 10 days prior to camp start date).

5. Parent's Consent Form

Applicants' parents must complete the Parent's Consent Form.

6. Permission Statement for Audio/Video Recording

Please complete the Permission Statement for Audio/Video Recording at Hamilton College.


ACC Chinese Language Summer Youth Camp
Associated Colleges in China
Hamilton College
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