Dining Services

Bon Appétit Office
315-859-4964 (fax)

Removal of Food

Food may not be removed from Commons or The Green Café either to share with someone not on the board plan, someone who cannot attend a meal or to stock your room for meals you may miss. Accommodations for missed meals are definitely possible but the following procedures must be adhered to in order to ensure that the proper ordering, handling and accounted procedures are observed.

Students leaving on approved academic, athletic, or organization trips: Catering arranges food orders for academic field trips, athletic events, and student organization trips at no charge for all participants on the board plan. These orders should be placed for the entire group by the person in charge of the trip (eg. A professor or designee, a coach or responsible person of a student organization) at least 3 days prior to the event. The organization, team or department will be charged only for those who are not on the board plan.

Ill students: Students who are confined to the Health Center will be provided with meals. Those students who cannot go to the dining halls due to medical reason should contact Pat Raynard praynard@hamilton.edu to make dining arrangements.