Office of Diversity

Student Clubs and Organizations

At Hamilton, the quality of the personal interaction that takes place in our classrooms, laboratories, studios and performance halls extends to our residences, dining halls, sporting venues and in the casual conversations that take place whenever two or more people encounter one another. Students at Hamilton are comfortable with one another. They are serious about their studies, but they don't take themselves too seriously. A student at Hamilton can be grungy, geeky, athletic, gay, black, white, fashionable, artsy, nerdy, preppy, conservative ... it doesn't really matter. At Hamilton you can be yourself – and be respected for who you are.

Cultural Organizations

Asian Cultural Society

The Asian Cultural Society (ACS) is an student organization which is committed to increase the consciousness of and enhancing the appreciation for all Asian cultures. ACS promotes diversity and emphasizes cultural enrichment.

Black and Latino Student Union

The Black Latino Student Union is a cultural organization on campus that seeks to empowers it's members within the Hamilton College Community based on the pillars of : academics, cultural awareness, diversity and social justice. In the spirit of unity, we as an organization also see to engage the Hamilton College Community with opportunities and experiences to appreciate ethnic diversity.

French Club

The French Club promotes appreciation of French and francophone cultures at Hamilton College. We are committed to offering the campus community a forum for the exploration of francophone cuisines, films, music, and contemporary issues.

German Club

German Club is a community of German speakers here on Hamilton campus. We meet for a weekly 'German table' lunch to converse together in German. We also hope to hold monthly dinners with German specialties and bi-monthly movie nights open to the entire Hamilton community. Other cultural events will be planned as the year progresses around significant German events and holidays.

International Students Association

The ISA actively serves the interest of the International Student body at Hamilton college, while promoting awareness of different cultures on campus through interactive and exciting events. We provide a social environment for the Hamilton community to interact, meet new friends, learn from one another, and make ourselves all part of our global community

South Asian Students Association

The South Asian Students Association (SASA) is a group of students who want to bring greater awareness of South Asian cultures to the campus community through traditional celebrations, festivals, and discussions. We hope to build a safe space that is shaped by the varied social, cultural, and political concerns of South Asians on this campus.

Spanish Club

The mission of the Spanish Club is to promote interest at Hamilton College in Hispanic language and culture(s) through activities such as dinners, films, “fiestas,” theater, music, and dance.

Spanish Club welcomes students of all levels and all backgrounds, from beginner level to native speakers. All club activities offer members a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where they can feel comfortable expressing themselves in Spanish.


Religious Organizations

Christian Fellowship

Hamilton Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational campus organization dedicated to engaging our campus with who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. We have bi-weekly meetings, where we hang out together, sing worship songs and have a speaker and discussion. Throughout the week, various small group Bible studies meet, and on Thursdays we have Men's and Women's Prayer groups, where we pray for each other, our campus and our world. We also serve our campus and community throughout the year with various events, including prayer events and concerts.


Hamilton College Hillel supports Jewish life on the Hamilton campus. We conduct religious and social events open to the campus and community.

Muslim Students Association

This organization is to serve the Muslim students of the college as well as the non-Muslim students who wish to have a better understanding of Islam. The MSA hopes to teach them the foundation of Islam which are the Five Pillars, and the Articles of Faith, and give them insight into the basic practices observed. Also, it aims at shedding light on, and helping with, common problems typically faced by Muslim students.

Newman Council

Catholic Parish Council


Public Affairs Organizations

AHI Undergraduate Fellows

The AHI Undergraduate Fellows is a non-partisan, intellectually diverse group devoted to the study of freedom, democracy, and capitalism as these ideas were developed and institutionalized in the United States and within the larger tradition of Western culture. Fellows plan and coordinate events with the Alexander Hamilton Institute, an independent 501 C3 organization in the Village of Clinton.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide, voluntary movement of people who campaign for human rights. Our vision is of a world in which every person enjoys all the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international standards. Our mission is to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression and freedom from discrimination, within the context of our work to promote all human rights.

College Democrats

The Hamilton College Democrats is a student-run organization, affiliated with the College Democrats of America, which seeks to increase political engagment and discourse on campus, and promote Democratic political and social ideas through education and activism. Students of any political affiliation are welcome at meetings.

College Republicans

The Hamilton Republicans Club is committed to ensuring that all students hear and understand timeless conservative ideas related to the principles of strong national defense, free markets, smaller government, freedom, patriotism, and traditional values. We accomplish our mission by providing speakers, debates, rallies, and other events that work toward an intellectual balance on campus.

Debate Society

The Hamilton College Debate Society is committed to providing opportunities for students to engage in academic debate and other forms of public discourse on campus and with other colleges. Hamilton competes against the top colleges and universities in the country as a member of the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA).


HEAG, Hamilton's Environmental Action Group, seeks to raise awareness about our environment both on campus and in the surrounding community, and to make our campus more environmentally friendly. Weekly meetings allow members to develop goals, plan events through teamwork, and arrive at reachable solutions. Some events include Green Week, movie-showings, recycling competitions, and outreach programs. New members are always welcome.


HamPoll recognizes the need for a better understanding of students’ opinions and beliefs. Therefore, by sending regular all-campus surveys and presenting the results in The Spectator, HamPoll seeks to provide useful and accurate information to the whole campus.

Model EU

Model European Union is an organization whose primary purpose is to prepare students through collaborative research and discussion for the annual Eurosim conference sponsored by the Transatlatic Consortium for European Unions Studies and Simulations (TACEUSS). The annual conference, bringing together students from Euopean and New York state schools, takes place in either Europe or the United States, alternating every year.

Model United Nations

The purpose of this organization is to improve public speaking and writing skills while learning about the official UN procedures. Students either choose or are assigned particular countries and are asked to represent them in the Model United Nations conferences held throughout the academic year. Students debate current issues being discussed in the real UN. Provides an opportunity to learn about other countries and important issues in international relations. Everyone with an interest in international affairs and diplomacy are welcome and encouraged to join!

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

The NEDAW committee is dedicated to creating awareness, education, and discussion about eating disorders and their severity. Through a series of week-long events supported by the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), the NEDAW committee will dedicate its’ time and energy to creating positive open dialogue about eating disorders and body image issues.

Rainbow Alliance

Rainbow Alliance is a student club that provides support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, & queer members of the Hamilton community. The club is also dedicated to promoting allies of the LGBTQ community and hosting discussions for the entire campus on a weekly basis. Rainbow Alliance places most attention on queer issues, but also strives to make Hamilton & the world a  better place for all people regardless of sexual orientation, religious preference, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, or ability.  Each year Rainbow Alliance sponsors campus-wide events, open houses, movie nights, open mics, lectures, workshops, and much more. Join us on Wednesdays at 9pm in the Days Massolo Center.


Students for International Public Health Awareness

Students for International Public Health Awareness will serve as an outlet and a resource for the students of Hamilton College to raise awareness within the college community of public health issues on both an international and domestic scale.

The Young Socialists

The Young Socialists' mission is to propagate and explain the positions of the socialist movement at Hamilton College. Through Marxism, the Young Socialists seek to further the cause of revolution through action and education.

Womyn's Center

The Hamilton College Womyn's Center is an inclusive, student-run, non-hierarchical organization led by both women and men. We seek to raise awareness of women's issues through the Hamilton community. We are dedicated to the encouragement of personal growth within our community members and to effecting change through education about issues especially related to gender and society. We encourage exploration of the intersection of gender, race, sexual orientation, class, and other characteristics as they are incorporated into societal structures that maintain hierarchical injustices.

Note: More information about the student clubs and organizations on this page, including meeting times and club contact information, can be found on the Student Organizations website maintained by the Student Activities Office.