Dean of Faculty

Office of the Dean of Faculty
315-859-4677 (fax)

Academic Support Offices & Resources

College Programs Abroad

Contact: Gena Hasburgh
Christian A. Johnson 213
315-859-4201, ghasburg@hamilton.edu

Off-campus study is an exciting and integral part of many students' Hamilton College experience. Hamilton's highly regarded programs are distinguished for their thorough preparation and total immersion of students in the academic and cultural opportunities at each destination, as well the hands-on internship components of the domestic programs.

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Contact: Barbara Britt-Hysell
Buttrick Lower Level
315-859-4150, bbritthy@hamilton.edu

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is a program that provides a variety of services to a broad range of students for whom American English is not their first or native language. The program supports the various skills, abilities and proficiencies of students who are fluent or functional bilinguals. Activities and services include weekly radio show, conversion tables, an interactive Website and on-going tutorial assistance.

Health Professions Advising

Contact: Leslie North
Bristol Center 304
315-859-4584, lnorth@hamilton.edu

The Office of Health Professions Advising works with students interested in a wide variety of the health careers. Leslie North, the Coordinator of Health Professions Advising, assists students in planning their coursework, securing shadowing experiences and clinical internships, and developing research opportunities.

Higher Education Education Programs (HEOP)

The Opportunity Programs at Hamilton College is comprised of two (2) programs designed to increase access to higher education for students who present an alternate academic profile and who demonstrate the ability to compete successfully in an academically competitive environment. A history of more than 40 years at Hamilton, demonstrates the college's commitment to a community that is culturally rich.

Information Technology Services

ITS Help Desk
Burke Library, Third Floor
315-859-4181, helpdesk@hamilton.edu

Audiovisual Services
315-859-4120, avs@hamilton.edu

Instructional Support
315-859-4877, course-support@hamilton.edu


Language Center

Contact: Mary Beth Barth
Christian A. Johnson 302
315-859-4776, mbarth@hamilton.edu

The Language Center is a state-of-the-art facility that supports innovative pedagogy and leading edge technology. In addition to a place where classes are held and students work independently, students of all languages and levels intersect to work in an environment that facilitates the integration of formal and informal learning and promotes opportunities for interaction and sharing with others.



Oral Communication Center

James Helmer
Kirner-Johnson 222B
315-859-4063, jhelmer@hamilton.edu

The oral communication program holds a unique place in the Hamilton curriculum -- neither a major nor a minor, but a rich and continuing resource for the entire College community. Oral communication courses contribute variable credit toward graduation requirements and provide a variety of learning formats, from classroom discussion to lab training and fieldwork.

Peer Tutoring

Contact: Mary O'Neill
Christian A. Johnson 223
315-859-4374, moneill@hamilton.edu

The Peer Tutoring Program of Hamilton College provides academic support for students by arranging one-on-one tutoring in specific subjects, providing information regarding help offered by other programs and departments, and by offering assistance in the improvement and application of study skills and time management.

Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning Center

Mary O'Neill
Christian A. Johnson 223
315-859-4374, moneill@hamilton.edu

The Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning Center was established to offer peer tutoring in introductory level courses containing a mathematics/quantitative component. Students may drop in to review topics as needed, or use the resources of the computer and video library. Other programs offered include the tutorial for the Quantitative Literacy Requirement, a review for the mathematics portion of GRE, and workshops designed to accompany specific courses.

Student Fellowships

Contact: Ginny Dosch
Bristol Center
315-859-4467, vdosch@hamilton.edu

Ginny Dosch, the student fellowships coodinator, assists students through the process of applying for fellowships and scholarships. Students pursue opportunities that reflect their academic interests, talents, skills, passions, and often, their restless curiosity. While pursuing fellowships and scholarships, students begin to understand and to appreciate the nature of competition. More importantly, they recognize the fundamental, personal and educational value of the process.

Writing Center

Sharon Williams
Kirner-Johnson 152B
315-859-4362, swilliam@hamilton.edu

The ability to speak and write in a clear, organized, and effective way is a central part of the liberal arts education at Hamilton College. To help all Hamilton students strengthen their writing abilities, the College established the Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center in 1987. The central focus of the Center's services for students is peer review, provided through the writing conference program.