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Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

Department of Dance and Movement Studies

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In the Department of Dance and Movement Studies we have the distinction of encompassing both physical and mental training in movement technique, choreography, the body sciences, history, philosophy and ethnology. Regardless of the discipline and teaching methodologies there are certain criteria that the instructor must meet in order to achieve tenure or promotion.

  • Have knowledge and mastery of the subject with the ability to communicate effectively, evaluate fairly and supply constructive criticism.
  • The instructor should show excellent rapport with the students and help create a motivating learning environment.
  • The instructor should be able to demonstrate the mindset, rigor and discipline necessary to achieve optimum results.
  • They should be able to illustrate dance/movement is not only used for the stage but is applicable to everyday life and especially important for a liberal arts education.
  • Have a solid understanding of kinesiological principles and efficient training methods so a high quality of performance can be reached with a limited chance of injury.
  • For promotion to Professor the candidate would need to have established a substantial history of the above five criteria, continue to show excellence in teaching and distinguish themselves by the creation of a new course(s) applicable to their special expertise.

The candidate’s excellence is evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Student teaching evaluations approved by the college.
  • Classroom observation by department faculty.
  • Course materials and contributions to the department curriculum.


The department views scholarship as including choreography/performance, lecture/presentations of research at national or international venues and published written work. Outside venues may include conferences, collaborative concerts or centers that specialize in dance and/or movement.

Live presentations are transient by nature so outside, professional reviews in print are of special significance. It is rare to receive written responses in this format, so we support the idea that to create a work of art or research in any of the various formats is worthy of scholarship. It is recognized that any work written or performed live will carry more weight if reviewed, accepted
or invited by outside/professional venues.

For promotion to Professor the candidate must have an established history of a substantial body of work and continue to be productive in the dance and movement studies field.


Service includes committee work, chairing the department, advising students, attending open houses/receptions, viewing prospective student materials and meeting with them. Organizing attendance and participation at national events such as the American College Dance Festival Conference (ACDFC) provides service to both faculty and students. In addition presenting lectures, demonstrations, performances and workshops for the college and local community is also considered.

In order for the candidate to be considered for promotion to Professor they must have demonstrated an established history of service and continue to contribute to the department and college.