Diversity and Social Justice Project


Fall 2010 Events

Violence, Peace, and Justice

Tuesday, September 14
4 p.m., Sadove Student Center at Emerson Hall, Sunroom

Reception for Linda Mussmann, activist and co-founder of the Hudson-Based art warehouse Time & Space Limited
Co-sponsored with the Government Department

Wednesday, September 22
4:10 p.m., The Red Pit

War and Women’s Lives: Lessons from the Iraq War
Cynthia Enloe, professor in the department of International Development and Director of Clark University’s Women Studies Program

Thursday, September 23
4:10 p.m. The Red Pit

Food Justice: Food as the Vehicle for Connecting Communities
Debra Richardson, program director of the Utica Culinary Institute, keynote speaker, DSJP Student-Faculty Conference

Wednesday, October 6
4:10 p.m. THE RED PIT

Ending Human Trafficking in Our Lifetime
Norma Ramos, executive director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Ending Human Trafficking in our lifetime. http//www.catwinternational.org/about/index.php

Tuesday, October 19
12:00 P.M. K.J. 102

(Bring your Own) Brown Bag Lunch

Resources and Conflict in the West Bank

Rachel Boylan '12 will make a presentation on her experiences in the West Bank during the summer 2010.

Wednesday, October 20

4:10 p.m.  Sadove Student Center at Emerson Hall, Sunroom

Coffee Hour: Free Speech/Hate Speech with Professors Yvonne Zylan, Frank Anechiarico, and Robert Martin.

Monday, October 25
4 p.m., Sadove Student Center at Emerson Hall, Sunroom

Coffee Hour with Bob Moses ’56, president and founder of The Algebra Project
Co-sponsored with the Cultural Education Center

Monday, November 8
4:10 p.m., The Red Pit

Toward an Acoustemology of Detention in the Global War on Terror
Suzanne Cusick, professor of music, New York University

Saturday, November 6

 2:00 p.m.  Minor Theater
Matinee and post performance "talk back" of "Slaughter City," a play by MacArthur Fellow, Naomi Wallace. Wallace will be on campus as the Tolles lecturer next semester.

More information: Carole Bellini-Sharp: cbellini@hamilton.edu

Co-sponsored with the Theatre Department