Excelsior: The Campaign for Hamilton

Building from Strength

Hamilton owes much of its present strength to the changes it has been willing to make over the past four decades.

  • The founding of Kirkland, its subsequent combination with Hamilton, and the creation of new residential living spaces have enhanced the lives of our students.   
  • In 2000, Hamilton's faculty approved a new curriculum that features recommended goals in lieu of distribution requirements, an emphasis on advising, interdisciplinary sophomore seminars, an intensive writing program, and a re-emphasis on speaking and class discussion. 
  • In 2001, the Board of Trustees adopted a strategic plan for the institution.  Its primary objectives are to make Hamilton the national leader in written and oral communication and to reinforce its reputation for academic rigor.   
  • Our student and faculty populations have grown, and the College's physical plant has been expanded and renovated to meet the academic, residential, athletic and social needs of both men and women.
  • As more faculty members involve students in their research, the Hamilton campus has never been more alive with activity and intellectual energy.

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