2012 Expedition to Antarctica

Hamilton Student Participants

Natalie Elking '12

Natalie Elking is currently in her final semester at Hamilton, working to finish her four years as a Geoscience major. Hailing from Syracuse, New York, this is Natalie's first trip to Antarctica and second to Punta Arenas, Chile, after having worked on a project exploring wind power for Patagonia in 2009 with Professor Domack. She has been working toward this voyage since her sophomore year, after taking part in the 2010 LARISSA Short Course and working in Hamilton's sedimentology lab. Natalie is completing her senior thesis to further constrain the late Holocene chronology of Barilari Bay, West Antarctic Peninsula using Jumbo Piston Core 126. On campus, she can often be found smiling behind the counter of Cafe Opus or running around the Science Center. Natalie intends to continue studying geology in her years after Hamilton, especially polar geology. Contact Natalie Elking at nelking@hamilton.edu


Manique Talaia-Murray '12

A senior Geosciences major from Milford, N.Y., Manique is obsessed with all things remotely rocky and icy. It only follows that a journey to Antarctica, one of the most remote, rockiest, and iciest places in the world, is a perfect way to conclude her senior year. 

Prior to this spring, she has completed research with Eugene Domack, the Joel W. Johnson Family Professor of Geosciences, studying the bathymetry of Oneida Lake, interpreting major features through a glaciological perspective.  Her senior thesis involves establishing a chronology for a sediment core from Barilari Bay, west Antarctic Peninsula, which will allow her to determine the scope of climate events over the past three millennia. Her interests in future careers encompass a wide, yet heavily geological, spectrum: from climate change policy to resource extraction.

She hopes that a voyage to Antarctica on the RV Nathanial B. Palmer will add nuance to her future plans, as she will be surrounded by scientists who specialize in topics composing the great breadth of climate research.

Andrew Seraichick  '13

Andrew Seraichick is a junior biology major and psychology minor. This is Seraichick's first trip to Antarctica and he will be working under the guidance of Mike McCormick, associate professor of biology. He has worked for two years in the molecular biology lab under Professor of Biology Garrett compiling clone libraries and running virtual digests on bacterial DNA sequences. Last summer, he worked in the molecular biology lab on propagating bacterial sequences from Professor McCormick’s last trip to Antarctica. He is very excited to be a part of this research expedition and he’s looking forward to gaining some real field work experience as well as some extraordinary life experience. Contact Andrew at aseraich@hamilton.edu