Hamilton College Student Researchers

Names and affiliations from L to R starting with back row.
Scott McCallum, Southern Illinois University; Kate McMullen, Hamilton College; Anna Rubin, Colgate University; Neil Basu, Hamilton College; David Amblas, Barcelona, Spain; Emily Backman, Hamilton College; Diana Duran, Hamilton College; and Andrew McCloskey, Hamilton College, on the deck of the RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer as ship leaves Punta Arenas, Chile for the Palmer Peninsula, Antarctica.

Emily Backman ('04) is from Melrose, Mass. and graduated from Melrose High School.

Diana Duran ('03) is from Reston, Virginia and graduated from South Lakes High School.

Andrew McCloskey
('04)is from Roanoke, Virginia and graduated form North Cross School.

Katy McMullen ('02) is from Ludlow, Vermont and graduated from Black River High School.