2007 Nevada Field School

Jobs - Week 1

Crew Assignments
Ceci, Mike, and Pete
Dinner: Dylan, Lisa, Nick
Wood and Trash: Rob and Tim
Water: Maddy and Heather
Dishes/Clean up: Caitlin, Caroline, and Rachel
A field camp would be chaotic unless various tasks were completed. Thus, when we arrived in camp we were given our crew assignments.

So far the morning crew has been rising half an hour earlier than the rest of camp and getting everything ready for breakfast. This entails making a fire to warm water and making coffee, as well as preparing any breakfast or oatmeal we have for the day. After that is all done they are responsible for setting aside the food so the rest of camp can prepare their lunches.

The dinner crew, those with the most responsibility, prepare the most substantial meal of the day. They have been aided by our TA Victor's yet-to–be-challenged culinary skills.

There is plenty of dry brush in the surrounding area to build a fire large enough to take out Nevada. The fire crew's task is to keep that from happening while ensuring there is enough wood in camp to suit our heating needs. Also glamorous is the honor of trash removal- to keep camp smelling nice (as much as possible) and free of wildlife friends.

Water is beyond essential in maintaining sanity in this arid setting. This crew has to sanitize our water supply from a spring a short hike from camp with our solar powered purification system. As well as cleaning the water they bring it up to camp for the rest of us to enjoy.

Dishes and clean up do just that; they clean the dishes and mess from meals. First they wash the dishes in a soap water bath, then a bleach bath, and a final rinse in freshly boiled water prepared by the constantly vigilant wood crew. Everyone tries to be as nice as they can to the dish crew, as crew assignments rotate each week, meaning everyone will eventually have a turn.

Thus far, we've concentrated on getting camp put-together. This entailed moving gear from storage, organizing our equipment, and, importantly, building our camp showers. We have three in total; one original model built to Tom's specifications, one built by a large crew under Tom's supervision, and one built without Tom by a smaller crew of males (unnamed of course) that would best be called "experimental" in its construction.