2007 Nevada Field School

Week 5

It was a short work week. We found time for a little survey and artifact collection, but for the most part we explored…Ely’s 4th celebration, Great Basin National Park, and some local archaeological sites.

July 3. We visited a stone quarry where native peoples excavated white and cream-colored chert for their tools. Mike is looking at one of the quarry pits along the ridge top.

July 3. Not far from the quarry is a petroglyph site. Many of the glyphs, like these that Tim is photographing are not decipherable, but some at this site clearly depict the mountain range to the east.

July 4. Heather, Rachel and Lisa agree that Ely has a great 4th of July parade. It features lots of trucks and classic cars, which we all admired.

July 5 and 6 were spend in Great Basin National Park, about 60 miles east of Ely. At 10,500 feet, we are just about at treeline, but more than 2500 feet below the top of Wheeler Peak (at the top of the wall on the right). Caroline and Ceci made the ascent of Wheeler Peak while the rest of us settled for a hike into the bristlecone pine.

Maddie and Tim at the rock glacier near the top of the cirque below Wheeler Peak.

Our trip end with a visit to Lehman Cave, which is full of unusual formations.