Eugene Domack
Joel W. Johnson Family Professor of Geosciences
Specializing in the sediments, paleoenvironments, and glacial geology of the Southern Hemisphere, Domack has been the chief scientist aboard many research vessels to Antarctica. Over the last 15 years Domack has led more than 100 undergraduates to Antarctica as part of his NSF sponsored research program. He has published many articles for journals such as Nature, Antarctic Science, Marine Geology, and Geological Society of America Bulletin, and has also edited the book, The Earth's Glacial Record. Domack has been awarded many grants for Antarctic study by the National Science Foundation, who also presented him with the Antarctic Service Award in 1981.

Katheryn Doran
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Doran, associate professor and chair of philosophy, studies the theory of knowledge, American philosophy, and 20th century Anglo-American philosophy. She is also interested in the connections between reflective common sense and philosophical theory and environmental ethics.



Andrew D'Amico '08
Samuel Bromley '08
Taylor Burt '08
Abigail Carpen '09
Katherine Goodwin '08
Alyssa Kanagaki '10
Julia MacDougall '09
Michael Millar '09
Richard Munschauer '09
Ryan Murphy '08
Sarah Powell '09
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Cody Westphal '08