Marine Geology of the Larsen Ice Shelf, Break-Up

An NSF Sponsored Short Course for Students

July 11-24, 2010

A two-week long short course for students interested in learning about the marine record of ice shelf settings and sediment core methodologies will be held at Hamilton College from July 11-24, 2010. This is an NSF sponsored activity related to International Polar Year (IPY) and the LARISSA project (LARsen Ice Shelf System, Antarctica).

The dramatic break-up of the Larsen B Ice Shelf in 2002 has captured the attention of the general public, as well as interdisciplinary scientific study. The short course is designed to use this catastrophic event as a learning focus to provide students with skills in:
  • Marine Sediment core examination, analysis and interpretation
  • Marine Geophysical database evaluation, including data processing of multibeam swath bathymetry and CHIRP high resolution seismic profiles
  • Marine microfossil identification and utility
  • Organic geochemistry and stable isotope analyses
  • Use of continuous Global Positioning Satellite (cGPS) ground stations to evaluate ice mass fluctuations and the database provided by LARISSA cGPS stations
All of the above will be integrated within the context of the marine record of the Larsen Ice Shelf system and regional to global climate change, using recently acquired marine data sets, sediment cores and imagery.

Students can qualify for travel costs and stipends (up to $2500 per student) according to qualifications as reported on the application. Students will be housed on campus at Hamilton College with meals and local transportation provided.

The course is offered under the auspices of the International Antarctic Institute and course credit is accommodated via the IAI offices at the University of Tasmania and or Hamilton College (Geoscience 285).

should be completed along with one letter of recommendation and sent to:
LARISSA coordinator
Department of Geosciences
Hamilton College
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323
Or send via e-mail to edomack@hamilton.edu