Summer Research

2008 Summer Research Participants


Recent News Stories

Stephanie AnglinStephanie Anglin '10, Jessica Ruddiman '09 and Professor Jennifer Borton
Suppressing thoughts about oneself and others
Matt ArnoldMatt Arnold '09 with Professor Chaise LaDousa
Education and Democracy in India
Kaitlyn BisharaKaitlyn Bishara '09 and Professor Carl Rubino
The Role of Classics in the Founding of America
Christopher Bouton '09 and Professor Carl Rubino
Modern Classics: The Search of Classical Themes in Modern Media
Kaitlin Britt '09Kaitlin Britt '09 with Professor David Rivera
Public Opinion and Democracy: A Comparative Study of Russia and China
Jacqueline Marra, Savannah Knell and Madeline CaudleMadeline Caudle '10, Jacqueline Marra '10 and Savannah Knell '10 and Professor Jean Burr
Preschool relationships and school readiness
Ha Eun Samuel Cho '10 and Professor Camille Jones
Viscosity and density for hydrate-forming solutions
Zachary Cohen '09 and Professor Alan Cafruny
American Attitudes Towards the European Union
Brendan Conway '09 and Professor Tina Hall
Why We Need Supermen: The Purpose of Superheroes in Society
Gail Corneau '10, Lydia Rono '11 and Professor Nicole Snyder
The synthesis of vancomycin derivative incorporating an unnatural carbohydrate at vancosamine position
Matthew Crowson '09 with funding From the Jeffrey Fund for Science
Summer Intern at Ottawa Heart Institute
Lisa Fontes '09, Heather Otis '10 and Professor Nathan Goodale
Type variance and the Near Eastern pre-pottery Neolithic social landscape: implications of stone tool typologies and the transition to food production
Alex de Moor '10 and Professor Eugene Domack
Accumulation rate of glacial marine sediments
Linhong FuLinhong Fu '09 and Professor Jay Williams
Reassessment of the Church of the East in Southeastern China
Gregory Fullman '09 and Professor Natalia Connolly
Designing a software package for spectral analysis of Type 1 a supernovae
Cameron Gaylord '09 with Professor Ted Lehmann
U.S. Foreign Policy and Oil: America, Democracy and the Global Oil Competition
Megan Fung '10, Katie Giuliano '10, and Ryan Jorrey '10 and Professor Eugene Domack
Sedimentary environmental studies of Oneida Lake
Cristina Garafola '11 and Professor Hong Gang Jin
The Effects of Input Flood and Corrective Feedback on Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language
Casey GreenCasey Green '09 and Professor Barbara Gold
Republican Mothers: A Comparative Study
James Greisler '10 and Professor Nicole Snyder
New routes for the synthesis of septanose carbohydrates
Geoffrey HicksGeoffrey Hicks '09
Slave Folklore, Religion, and Pride
Joshua Hicks '09Joshua Hicks '09 and Professor Stephenson Humphries-Brooks
Romans, Movies, and the Disappearance of the Bible
Greg Huffaker '09Gregory Huffaker '09 and Professor Sylvia deSwaan
Utica and the Mohawk Valley: A History in Pictures
Blake Hulnick Blake Hulnick '09 with Professor Frank Anechiarico
Assessing Federal Election Administration at the State and Local Level
Robin JosephRobin Joseph '09 and Professor Anne Lacsamana
The Origins and Cultural Complexity of FGC
Amy KlockowskiAmy Klockowski '09 and Professor Robin Kinnel
Synthesis of Germacrene-D
 Meaghan LaVangie '09Meaghan LaVangie '09 and Professor Shelley McConnell
The Relationship Between Civil Society and Democracy
Silin Li '11Silin Li '11 with Professor Steve Orvis
From McDonald's to Chinese Cultural Identity in a Globalization World
Wenxi LiWenxi Li '10 and Professor Douglas Ambrose
African Americans Vote Democrat: Trend or Here to Stay?
MashavaveTawanda Mashavave '10 and Professor Mark Bailey
Securing vulnerable software using software dynamic translation
Andrew B. Miller '10 with Professor Chris Georges
Agent Based Modeling of Firm Dynamics and Labor Turnover
Thomas Morrell '10Thomas Morrell '10, George Shields and Thomas Castonguay
A computational study of atmospheric water clusters and the development of a cloud formation model
Richard Munschauer '09 and Professor David Bailey
Calciobetafite in a whole new world
Kevin O'ConnorJ. Kevin O'Connor '09 with Professor Peter Cannavo
Anacostia and the U-Street Corridor: Interactions between Class, Race, and Conceptions of Place in the Nation's Capitol
Sven Oman '10Sven Oman '10 and Professors Nicole Snyder and David Gapp
Determining the factors that contribute to red blood cell fragility in a diabetic mouse model
Trevor PedrickTrevor Pedrick '09 and Professor Tim Elgren
Controlling electron transfer to encapsulated enzymes
Michael PetreyMichael Petrey '09 and Professor Karen Brewer
Investigating Similarities Between Molecular Geometry and Steiner Trees
Deborah Pless '09 and Professor Todd Franklin
Neitzsche and the Dying-Reviving Cycle
Li Qiu '09 with Professor Ann Owen
A Study of the Global Stock Markets Integration
Razeena ShresthaRazeena Shrestha '09 with Professor Stephen Ellingson
Social Entrepreneurship: How It Has Transformed Sustainable Community Development in Nepal
Kelsey Rice '10Kelsey Rice '10 and Professor Shoshana Keller
Misinterpreting the Middle East: Western Bias in Approaches in Middle Eastern History
Eileen Rivera '10 and Professor Masaaki Kamiya
Slight of Tongue: Code Switching Phenomenon
Avery Rizio '09 and Professor Mark Oakes
Directed forgetting or directed remembering? A comparison of remember, forget, and incidental learning instructions
Ramunas Rosgys '09 and Professor Erol Balkan
Privatization in Lithuania
Stephen Rowe '09Stephen Rowe '09 and Professor Robert Martin
Stephen Rowe '09 Studies Democracy and Justice in Nepal and India
Daniel Rudel '10 with Professor Dan Chambliss
Theories for Community Integration: Refugees in Utica, N.Y.
Amy Rumack '09, Valerie Valant '10 and Professor Michael McCormick
Diversity of microorganisms in Green Lakes, Fayetteville, NY
Kristen Selden '09 and Professor David Gapp
Comparisons of turtle gastrointestinal tract morphology using scanning electron microscopy
Jesse Stromwick '09 and Professor Alistair Campbell
Extending snarpy to new robots
Benjamin Van Arnam '09Benjamin Van Arnam '09 and Professor Nicole Snyder
Exploring the nature of ligand binding in the carbohydrate recognition domain of galectin-1
Stephanie WongStephanie Wong '10
Working as HOPE VI Project Evaluation Assistant and Levitt Civic Engagement Fellow
Xiaolu Xu '10 with Professor Peter Cannavo
The Challenge of Architectural Preservation in Booming Shanghai
Cindy Zhu '11 with Professor Steve Wu
The Impact of China's Housing Reform on Income Inequality

Kathryn Arpino '10 and Professor Karen Brewer
Synthesis and characterization of rare-earth nanoparticles

Alexa Ashworth '09 and Professor George Shields
Understanding formation of sulfuric acid Water Clusters using computational models

Deborah Barany '11 and Professor Jon Vaughan
Evaluation of computation models for the planning of everyday movements

Jane Barnes '09 and Professor Barbara Tewksbury
Mapping and causes of deformation bands in palagonites

William Bauder '10 and Professor Brian Collett
aCORN: A correlation in the neutron

Jillian Berkowitz '09 and Professor Michael McCormick
Explorations into the iron reduction mechanisms of various microorganisms and its potential environmental implications in addressing uranium contamination

Nicholas Berry '09 and Professor Herm Lehman
Determining the spacial, temporal, and expression profile of the gene TBhR

Sarah Bertino '09 and Professor Herm Lehman
The role of tyramine beta-hydroxylase related protein (tbhr) in Apis mellifera

Andrew Beyler '10 and Professor Brian Collett
Correcting aCORN's uniform magnetic field

Andrew Branting '11 and Professor Tim Elgren
An exploration of the power of enzymes

Matthew Breen '11 and Professor Karen Brewer
Rare earth complexes incorporated into silica sol gel glass

Linnaea Chapman '10 and Professors Ernest Williams and Bill Pfitsch
Lupine and butterflies at the Rome Sand Plains

Suzannah Chatlos '10 and Professor Mark Oakes
The effects of automatic associations influence on behavior, physiology, and cognitive information systems

Fallon Chipidza '10 and Professor Camille Jones
Chemical analysis between host and guest molecules in the semiclathrate compound

Sam Colalillo '10 and Professor Tara McKee
The impact of ADHD symptomatology in college students

Bryden Considine '08 and Professor Michael McCormick
Abiotic and biotic uranium reduction kinetics

Jeffrey Corbett '09 and Professor Wei-Jen Chang
GenetictTransfer between the macro and micro ciliate nucleuses

William Cowles '09 with Professor Kevin Grant
Gandhi's Political Community in South Africa

Matthew Crowson '09 with funding From the Jeffrey Fund for Science
Summer Intern at Ottawa Heart Institute

Sarah Cryer '10 and Professor Camille Jones
Stability research on semiclathrates: developing fuel cells for our tomorrow

Ann Dickson '09 and Professor Jon Vaughan
Modeling complex reaching movements

Emma Domby '11 and Professor David Gapp
Internal relief of turtle and frog gastrointestinal tract using scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

Sam Dudley '09 with Professor Lisa Trivedi
In the Name of Our Fathers: The Historical Conditions and Lived Experience of Partition in South Asia

Will Eagan '11 and Professor Natalia Connolly
Cosmology: dark energy and supernovae (Type Ia)

Matthew Eichenfeld '09 and Professor Stuart Hirshfield
Web service discovery in cross-domain environments

Kelly Fitzsimmons '10 and Professors Ernest Williams and Bill Pfitsch
Lupine and butterfly biology in the Rome Sand Plains

Mason Fried '10 and Professor Eugene Domack
Antarctic glacial marine sediments ice shelf history

Joseph Ginther '10 and Professor Jon Vaughan
Evaluation of the coordination of every day movement using computational models

Madeleine Gunter '11 and Professor Todd Rayne
Determining the influence of surface water on Clinton municipal wells

Graham Hone '10 and Professor Ian Rosenstein
The application of ring openings

Rachel Horowitz '09 and Professor Nathan Goodale
Type variance and the Near Eastern pre-pottery Neolithic social landscape: implications of stone tool typologies and the transition to food production

Kristina Hubley '10
and Professor Doug Weldon
Midbrain neuronal responses during reward retrieval in rats

Juan Hurtado '11 and Professor Ann Silversmith
Spectroscopy of rare earth based sol-gel glasses

Cassidy Jay '11
and Professor Todd Rayne
Determining the influence of surface water on Clinton municipal wells

Jennifer Karl '09 with Professor Lisa Trivedi
The Health of Women Textile Workers in Lancashire and Lowell

Kevin Kerr '10 and Professor Todd Franklin
Two Types of Freedom: Emancipation in the Writings of Leo Tolstoy and Freidrich Neitzsche

Peter Kosgei '10 and Professor Karen Brewer
Co-doped silica glasses containing the rare earth Ions

Caroline Krumholz '10 and Professors Ernest Williams and Bill Pfitsch
Effects of fire disturbance on lupine and Frosted Elfin communities in the Rome Sand Plains

Kathy Lee '11 and Professor Ian Rosenstein
The synthesis of selenide precursors to study the kinetics of cyclopropylcarbonyl radical ring openings

Chris Lorenc '10 and Tim Elgren
Characterization of encapsulated enzymes

Tongxin Lu '11 and Professor Wei-Jen Chang
Copy number puzzle in ciliates

Divij Mathew '09 and Professor Camille Jones
Formation of sII clathrate hydrates: modeling the results from high pressure synthesis and neutron diffraction studies

Romina Memoli '09 and Professor Carole Bellini-Sharp
Finding a Political Voice: El Teatro Campesino

Timothy Minella '09 and Natalia Connolly
Developing new computational tools for identifying Type Ia supernovae

Thomas Nevers '10 and Professor Camille Jones
Analysis and synthesis of novel new sH clathrate hydrates, particularly cyclic ethers such as tetrahydropyran derivatives

Thao Nguyen Thi Nguyen '08
and Professor Silversmith
Aluminium as co-dopant in Rare-Earth doped sol-gel silicate glasses

Victoria Nygren '11 and Professor Mark Oakes
The exploration of relational aggression in high school students

Andrew Portuguese '11 and Professor Natalia Connolly
Quantifying the differences between astronomical objects

Lu Qi '11 with Professor Julio Videras
Lunar New Year of 2008 Encounters Big Snowstorm: How the Natural Disaster Reveals China's Migration and Economic Structure Issues

Kimberly Roe '08 and Professor Gene Domack
Stable isotopic analysis of sub-ice shelf sediments

James Russell '09 and Professor Tim Elgren
Novel materials for bio-remediation of halogenated hydrocarbons

Benjamin Saccomano '09
and Professors Camille Jones and Ian Rosenstein
Synthesis of selectively proteated propylene oxides

Anthony Sali '10 and Professor Tara McKee
The impact of ADHD symptomatology in college students

Gregory Schwedock '10
and Professor Seth Major
Self-organized criticality in toy dynamics in 2+1D quantum gravity

Gillian Smith '09 and Professor Ann Silversmith
The effect of rare earth ion doping on the fluoresence of sol-gel glass

Glenn Smith '10 and Professor Brian Collett

Jessica Smith '09 and Professor Brian Collett
Measuring the polarization of helium 3 using electron spin resonance

Valerie Valant '10
and Professor Michael McCormick
A study of microorganisms within Green Lake, in Fayetteville, NY

Lauren Vilardo '11
and Professor Seth Major
Modeling of dynamics in 2 + 1 D quantum gravity

Elena Wood '10 and Professor George Shields
Understanding the formation of sulfuric acid water clusters through high level computational models

Kendra Wulczyn '10 and Professor Doug Weldon
Neurobiological basis of the "frustration response" in rats

Ke Xu '11
and Professor Camille Jones
Synthesis of clathrate hydrates and semiclathrates for neutron scattering studies