Fellowships and Scholarships

Student Fellowships Coordinator
315-859-4041 (fax)

The Student Fellowships Coordinator's Office is located on the third floor of Bristol Center.

Award Recipients

2004 Fellowship and Scholarship Recipients

Beinecke Memorial Scholarship

Fulbright Grant

  • Elizabeth Rabe '04
    East Indian Immigration to Trinidad in the Late-Nineteenth Century
    Trinidad & Tobago
  • Claire Ramsay '03
    Language Relations: Moroccan francophone newspapers and universities
  • Duncan Lawrence '04
    English Teaching Assistantship, Argentina

Fulbright Commission French Ministry of Education Teaching Assistantships

  • Sarah McDermott '04
    English Teaching Assistantship, France
  • Erin Turcot '04
    English Teaching Assistantship, Gyuana

National Security Education Program David L. Boren Graduate Fellowship

  • Matthew Zeller '04
    Joint master's degree in public affairs and international relations, Syracuse University's Maxwell School. During the international component of fellowship he will study democratic development in Bahrain.

Society for Applied Spectroscopy Student Awards

Watson Fellowship

  • Jeffrey Dyer '04
    The Soul of the Khmer: Music of the Khmer People
    Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

  • Andrew R. Connor '04