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Office of Financial Aid
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Currently Enrolled Students

Applying for Financial Aid

Hamilton’s Financial Aid Policies

Hamilton is committed to meet the full demonstrated financial need of all enrolled students through a combination of scholarship and self-help (loans and work-study). Families apply for financial aid each year so that changes in circumstances can be considered.

International Applicants

If you are an international student, please refer to our International Students webpage for additional information about Hamilton's financial aid policies.

Determining Financial Need

All of Hamilton's financial aid is based on demonstrated financial need, which is determined by calculating the difference between the expected family contribution and the cost of attendance.

Hamilton's net price calculator


Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

The EFC is the calculated amount of money your family will contribute towards your annual college education costs. We use many different pieces of information to establish your EFC. Here is a quick summary of factors we do and do not consider when determining need-based aid (this list is merely a guideline, and is not all-inclusive):

Factors We Do Consider:

  • Siblings attending an undergraduate institution full time
  • Financial information from biological, adoptive, custodial and non-custodial parents
  • Income (adjusted gross income plus any untaxed income)
  • A minimum student contribution of $1500 is expected from most students
  • Business net worth, stock losses, depreciation, business losses
  • Student and parent assets (such as cash savings and investments)

Factors We Do Not Consider:

  • Equity in the primary home of residence
  • A family's individual debt levels
  • Retirement savings accounts
  • Siblings attending a graduate institution
  • Siblings attending a private secondary school
  • Parents attending an undergraduate or graduate institution

The best way to determine your estimated EFC is to use our net price calculator. Please keep in mind that the net price calculator will only be an estimate. If you have questions about the results you receive, you should contact the Financial Aid Office.

Forms and Deadlines

Once you have determined your expected family contribution, using the net price calculator, we encourage you to visit our Forms and Deadlines webpage. This page will help you better understand the documents and deadlines required to apply for need-based financial aid at Hamilton College.