Financial Aid


Office of Financial Aid
315-859-4962 (fax)

Currently Enrolled Students

While Applying for Financial Aid

Required Forms

Visit the Forms and Deadlines webpage to view a list of forms and their appropriate deadlines.

Materials may be sent to the Financial Aid Office via fax to 315-859-4962 or as a scanned PDF file to finaid@hamilton.edu. When submitting materials to the Financial Aid Office, please be sure that the name of the student is clearly present.

The Financial Aid Checklist

You financial aid checklist on My Hamilton will show which of your materials we have received as well as what we have yet to receive. Please note: there will be a time lag between when we receive your materials and when the list is updated (usually no more than a week).

You must meet the deadlines in order to receive full consideration for financial aid. Failure to meet the deadline may result in reduced Hamilton College Scholarship for otherwise eligible students. If you will be unable to submit one of these required forms by the deadline, please contact the Financial Aid Office immediately.

When the Financial Aid Office is reviewing a student's file they may find it necessary to request additional items from a student or their parents, or they may discover a form which is incomplete. These changes will be reflected in your online My Hamilton financial aid checklist.

We highly recommend you frequently review the status of your checklist on My Hamilton up to and including the disbursement of your financial aid each semester.

Parent Access to My Hamilton

We encourage parents to request access to this checklist by following these instructions.

Updating your Financial Aid Application

Even if you’ve submitted all of your materials, you may not be done. If you estimated anything on your financial aid application, or if you receive updated information that is not reflected anywhere in the materials you sent to us, you should be sure to inform the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible.