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Financial Aid Policies

Siblings Attending College

Hamilton College considers siblings enrolled in the first four years of their first full-time undergraduate degree program as a factor when determining financial need. Hamilton College does not consider siblings beyond four years of undergraduate study, in graduate studies, a second undergraduate program, enrolled less than full-time, or parents enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program as a factor.

Having more than one child in college (see definition above) may have a significant impact on a student's financial aid award. If a family has one child in college, their expected family contribution (EFC) will be the amount that the family is responsible for contributing toward their son or daughter's education that year. However, if that same family has two children attending college (see definition above), the parent contribution portion of their EFC may be dramatically reduced by up to 50%. Conversely, if a student begins attending college and has an older sibling already enrolled in college, upon the older sibling's graduation or when they are no longer enrolled, the parent contribution portion of their EFC may increase by as much as 50%.