H1N1 Influenza / Swine Flu Information

Student Health Center

Update to the Hamilton Community

Influenza Now Present on the Hamilton Campus

October 27, 2009

The Student Health Center experienced a large influx of students yesterday presenting flu-like symptoms consistent with the H1N1 virus. Most of the students who sought treatment reported that they began feeling ill over the weekend. Symptoms include fever, a persistent hacking cough, severe headaches and general body aches. The students are all being treated as though they have the H1N1 virus (and one test has come back positive for H1N1), which is now widespread throughout Oneida County. Local health officials have been advised of the outbreak on campus.

Consistent with updated CDC protocols, students suspected of having contracted the H1N1 virus are no longer being isolated, however they have been told to stay in their rooms and get as much bed rest as possible. Students may not return to class or resume their regular activities until they are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicine. The Dean of Students Office will work with faculty members to help these students stay current with their coursework.

Despite the large number of suspected cases on campus, nearly all of the cases are considered to be mild. Students with underlying health concerns who become symptomatic for the flu should seek treatment as soon as possible. The College has placed an order for the H1N1 vaccine and will schedule a flu shot clinic once the vaccine arrives. Additional information about the H1N1 virus, including updates and advice for avoiding the flu, are posted on the Hamilton Web site [www.hamilton.edu/swineflu].

Nancy Thompson
Dean of Students