Health Professions Advising

Leslie Bell
Interim Health Professions Advisor

The Health Professions Advising Office is located on the third floor of Bristol Center.

Preparing at Hamilton

Health Professions and Study Abroad

About 40% of Hamilton students heading toward the health professions study off campus for one or two semesters. Carol Drogus, Associate Dean of Students for Off-Campus Study, will be of great assistance to students in exploring options for study away.

Most of the premed students who decide to study off campus choose a foreign destination, in recent years Hamilton premed students have attended the the Hamilton-sponsored Program in Washington, D.C. and the Program in New York City

Hamilton also sponsors programs for study in China, France and Spain

In addition, Hamilton maintains a list of approximately 180 programs approved for students who qualify. The Office of Off-Campus Study maintains information on a wide variety of programs and will also assist students in naviagating the application process.

Since the motivation to study away from campus ordinarily stems from a student's academic focus, it is natural that health professions students often choose study abroad programs that allow them to explore their interest in medicine and public health. 

In recent years several students have studied Medical Practice and Policy at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad or at the Premedical Programme at King's College in London. Other students have chosen a semester of language study with Hamilton's programs in France and Spain, and still others have pursued their interest in public health by attending School for International Training programs in Brazil, Kenya, and South Africa.

Your options are as wide as the globe. Students are encouraged to meet with Leslie Bell early in their first year to plan for a study abroad experience.