Health Professions Advising

Leslie Bell
Director of Health Professions Advising

The Health Professions Advising Office is located on the third floor of Bristol Center.

Gaining Experience

Your interests and desires in the medical field will definitely change with experience, and this is why medical schools and advisors suggest exposing yourself to health-related fields early and often. Also, as admission to medical school becomes more competitive, it is very important to differentiate yourself through your personal experiences, internships, and job opportunities.  The AAMC has constructed a list of “Core Competencies” to gain entrance to medical school, and a majority of these skills are acquired during volunteer experiences, summer internships and jobs.  Although finding opportunities can be difficult, this information is meant to serve as a roadmap to help you find the pre-medical experiences that are right for you. In order to find experiences that are right for you, do some research on fields that interest you and tailor your internship/job search towards your interests.  This will help you enjoy the experience, demonstrate your capabilities, and gain insight into possible future careers.

Pre-Health Summer Internship Opportunities

Places to look & experiences to search for…


  • Clinical research
  • Clinical technician/assistant
  • Patient care services
  • Clinical volunteering
  • Shadowing a physician


  • Academic research
  • Administrative management
  • Service volunteering
  • Medical workshops
  • Clinical teaching programs
  • Pre-medical summer courses


Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Shadowing a healthcare service provider
  • Healthcare fund raising
  • Quality improvement
  • Data management
  • Medical/health education
  • Community outreach 
  • Communications and marketing
  • Business development 

Community Health Centers:

  • Shadowing a healthcare service provider 
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Community services and outreach
  • Data management and analysis
  • Patient navigator/translator
  • Public health research 
  • Health awareness promotion and education

Healthcare Businesses:

  • Biotechnology research
  • Biopharmaceutical research
  • Healthcare market research & analytics
  • Healthcare consulting
  • Medical device research
  • Clinical research support services
  • Medical/health educator
  • Clinical & hospital administration/management
  • Healthcare insurance services
  • Government healthcare policy & management
  • Medical safety & quality assurance
  • Outpatient medical care services
  • Urgent care center