Hill Card

Dannelle Parker
315-859-4300 (fax)

Hamilton Hill Card Discover® Card  


        Card design includes bank card information
        Pub cards designated by a "band of stars" printed below or next to the photo




          Mag stripe for Discover® bank card functions only
          Mag stripe for all on-campus functions and off-campus merchants


Do students have to use the bank card feature?

No. The Discover® Card feature is optional. If students want to use this option, they simply contact the bank to activate the card and select a PIN number.

Why did Hamilton College make this change?

We wanted to add more functionality to the card. Primarily, we wanted to enable students to receive Business Office refunds more quickly and conveniently by depositing funds directly to a student’s Hill Card. This is an added convenience for students and eliminates the delay of check issuance. Students will have immediate access to funds deposited to the bank card function of the Hill Card. An additional ATM was installed on campus, Bristol Center first floor. Students who have activated their Hill Card Discover® debit card can make cash withdrawals at this and other participating Allpoint® ATM’s at no charge. Students can use the bank card function of the Hill Card as a debit card anywhere the Discover® is accepted.

Can student payroll be direct deposited to the new card?

If students activate their Hill Card Discover® debit card and then upgrade their card (no fee to upgrade), they can opt to have their student payroll direct deposited to their Hill Card Discover® debit card.

Why did the College choose the Discover® card?

The Money Network® enabled Discover® Card is the option available through Blackboard and enables us to combine the bank card function with our existing Hill Card. Any other option would have required that students carry a second card.

Did current uses of the Hill Card change?

No, we added the bank card function. We did not take anything away.

The new Hill Card continues to function as:

  • Meal Card
  • Door Access Card
  • Library Card
  • Fitness Center Access Card
  • Card to use for on-campus purchases (must have funds deposited in your HC All Campus account for this purpose) and at participating off-campus merchants

On-campus usage - purchases at the Bookstore, Café Opus, Euphoria Smoothies, food purchases not included in your meal plan (dining halls, Diner, Little Pub), laundry, Library (book loans and other services), Mail Center (purchases and package pick-up), Papercut (to add funds to Papercut quota), Print Shop, public copiers, vending

Off-campus purchases at participating village merchants – Alteri’s, CVS, Dunkin Donuts, Subway.