Course Support Team

Contact the liaison for your department or field for help with a specific project, or email the HILLgroup.


Instructional Technology Support Specialists

Nikki Reynolds - Director, Instructional Technology Services
nreynolds@hamilton.edu, Phone ext: 4091
Nikki draws on her broad understanding of I.T. Resources, on campus and at other institutions, and on her education and experience in computer science and human factors to manage and develop the instructional technologies available to Hamilton faculty and students.

Carl Rosenfield - Educational Technology Specialist
crosenfi@hamilton.edu, Phone ext: 4088
Carl has been working in the field of Educational Technology for the past seven years. Most recently he has been focusing on web-enabled learning experiences, effective use of learning content management systems and social software applications such as blogs, wikis and podcasts. Being interested in the synthesis of thought, interaction and technology, Carl hopes to help faculty design outstanding technology-enhanced constructivist learning opportunities at Hamilton.

Maureen Scoones - Associate Director,
IT Process Improvement & Education

mscooones@hamilton.edu, Phone ext: 4178

Janet T. Simons - Associate Director,
Instructional Technology Services, Co-Director, DHi

jsimons@hamilton.edu, Phone ext: 4424
Janet is the Faculty Support Group Leader and the HILLgroup project leader for ITSST. She specializes in faculty outreach to identify technical and pedagogical issues of interest or concern. Janet can assist with course design, identification and research of innovative or specialized technological resources, selection of technologies appropriate to targeted learning goals, and coordination of academic support services to meet tailored course needs. Her primary support areas are providing opportunities for faculty development, and assistance in the use of digital video, online assessment tools and Blackboard.

Bret Olsen - Educational Technology Specialist
bolsen@hamilton.edu, Phone ext: 4099
Bret works with faculty and students to provide planning and support for the use of multimedia technologies. He supervises the Multimedia Assistants and is part of the team that manages the facilities in the Multimedia Presentation Center.


Reference Librarians

Glynis Asu - Reference and Instructional Support Librarian
gasu@hamilton.edu, Phone ext: 4482
Library Liaision to Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemical Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Geoarchaeology, Geosciences, Mathematics, Neuroscience and Physics.

Laura Festine- Reference and Document Delivery Librarian
lfestine@hamilton.edu, Phone ext: 4321
Library Liaision to Anthropology and Women's Studies.

Reid Larson - Reference and User Experience Librarian
rslarson@hamilton.edu, Phone ext: 4480
Library Liaison to American Studies, Communication, English, History (North and South America), Latin American Studies, Oral Communication, Philosophy, Sociology and Writing.

Lynn Mayo - Reference and Electronic Resources Librarian
lmayo@hamilton.edu, Phone ext: 4746
Library Liaison to Art, Art History, Economics, Education Studies, and Government.

Kristin Strohmeyer - Reference and Outreach Librarian
kstrohme@hamilton.edu, Phone ext: 4481
Library Liaison to Africana Studies, Asian Studies, Classics, College Courses, Comparative Literature, Critical Languages, Dance, East Asian Languages and Literatures, English for Speakers of Other Languages, French, German and Russian Languages and Literatures, Hispanic Studies, History (Europe, Africa and Asia), Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Music, Physical Education, Psychology, Religious Studies, Russian Studies, and Theatre.