Alexander Hamilton Trivia

You've read about him in history books. You've sung along with the Broadway soundtrack that bears his name. Heck, you probably have a picture of him in your wallet right now! But how much do you really know about Hamilton College's namesake? Test your knowledge.
1. What government post did Hamilton hold during George Washington's administration?
2. What role did Alexander Hamilton play in the founding of Hamilton College?
3. Hamilton co-wrote which of the following?
4. Hamilton did NOT help to establish which of the following?
5. On what denomination of currency is Alexander Hamilton featured?
6. Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr fought what was to become the most famous duel in American history on July 11, 1804. What provoked the event?
7. Which of these quotes is attributed to Alexander Hamilton?
8. Which of the following was founded by Alexander Hamilton:
9. Who plays the lead in the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton?"
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