Program in India

Madeleine La Cotera

Application and Enrollment


The India program is an opportunity open to junior and senior students -- and occasionally sophomores -- with appropriate academic preparation, motivation, and interest in relevant topics. The group is composed of students from each of the member colleges, selected by a committee on the student's home campus.

Admission to this program is based on the quality of the application. Candidates must present a coherent academic rationale for participation in the India Program and a record of academic performance that demonstrates an ability to meet the challenges of studying in India.  Each campus has its own GPA requirement (generally 2.8 - 3.0) for study abroad eligibility.  Hamilton College requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 for participation in the India Program.  Candidates for the India Program must also present evidence of maturity, responsibility, cultural sensitivity, and an ability to function as part of a diverse group.  An on-campus interview is part of the selection process.  Students must take a course with significant South Asia content prior to participation. 

Students currently on disciplinary, social, or academic probation are not eligible to apply for, or participate in, the program.