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Burke Library - 3rd Floor

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ITS Mission Statement

The mission of ITS is to work in partnership with members of the Hamilton College community to facilitate their use of current and evolving computing, telephone, presentation and network technologies.

We provide excellent support services and infrastructure so as to enable our clients to utilize these technology resources effectively and responsibly in order to advance Hamilton's mission and strategic goals.

Members of ITS are knowledgeable, proactive, service-oriented professionals who work collaboratively, respond quickly and flexibly to change, are dedicated to educating the Hamilton community about the use of technology and focus on achieving results.

Excellent support services means: ITS is committed to providing support services in a timely, accurate and cost effective manner and in sufficient quantities to enable members of the Hamilton community to use information technologies. ITS staff members maintain effective communications with members of the college community to support their needs, providing opportunities for the community to offer recommendations and feedback on our services. ITS support services include: sharing knowledge and ideas, troubleshooting and problem-solving, consulting, training, assistance with skill building, and researching and exploring new technologies.

Excellent infrastructure means: Members of the Hamilton community have easy, timely, reliable, and secure access to the campus network, information systems, and computing hardware and software at speeds sufficient to allow them to work efficiently and effectively from their offices, classrooms, student residences and other off-campus locations. Infrastructure includes: computing hardware and software, voice, data and video networks, and information systems.

The Hamilton College community includes: faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, prospective students, retired employees, trustees, vendors, contractors, and all other individuals and organizations that interact with the College. These individuals and organizations are provided with varying levels of access to infrastructure and services.