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LITS Green Iniatives 

The following intiatives are being undertaken by LITS in an effort to reduce the negative consequences of computer related activity at Hamilton on the environment.

We are Recycling, Reducing, Rethinking.                                                                                          

  • Recycle notebook batteries
  • Old computer equipment is sold to a company for recycling or reuse
  • 30% to 100% recycled paper is used for printers whenever possible
  • Black and White laser printers use remanufactured/refilled toner cartridge
  • A print management system is in place in LITS managed spaces
  • Computers in LITS managed public labs are configured to: shutdown during off hours or reduced power consumption
  • Computer equipment is purchased annually; one order per vendor and whenever possible orders ship complete.
  • When provided with the option, new computer equipment is purchased without media and documentation
  • Server Virtualization - Combined multiple servers on a single piece of hardware thus reducing power and cooling requirements
  • Multi Processor Core Servers - Purchased multiple servers with multi core technology reducing the number of physical processors thus reducing power and cooling requirements
  • New computer equipment has energy star ratings
  • Provide LCD displays as part of computer configurations
  • Printers in LITS managed public labs are configured with duplex units for 2-sided printing