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ITS Strategic Directions 2010 and beyond – Summary

Hamilton has bold ambitions as it navigates through challenging financial times. The 2009
strategic planemphasizes Hamilton’s commitment to an academic program that will continue
to be challenging and relevant to our students, student services that develop responsible
leaders, creating an inclusive community and achieving need-blind admissions.  These broad
goals are resource-intensive and consistent with Hamilton’s personalized approach to a
residential liberal arts experience.  Successful achievement of these goals will depend, in part,
upon Hamilton becoming more innovative and efficient in its use of facilities and staff. IT can be
an important enabler of innovation and efficiency. 
Four strategic directions align ITS efforts with those of the College.

A. Foster effective applications of technology in academic and co-curricular programs.
B. Improve the level of technical knowledge of members of the Hamilton community.
C. Reduce institutional costs through the effective use of IT.
D. Improve ITS organizational agility.

We will employ the following strategies to support our directions:

  • Partner with members of the Hamilton community to identify, pilot, evaluate and promote the use of new technologies consistent with Hamilton’s mission.
  • Partner with other institutions and consortia in support of institutional goals.
  • Partner with Hamilton HR to improve the IT skills of Hamilton employees.
  • Create a college-wide focus on improving business processes and the value of using
  • technology as an enabler of efficiency.

The following are major initiatives that will begin in 2010:

  • Redesign the ITS web site to make it a valuable resource for assisting members of the community with their use of information technologies.
  • Partner with the Human Resources Office to recruit technically capable employees and encourage employees to continue to improve their technical skills.
  • Implement a campus-wide identity management system to promote the efficient use of employee information from the time of hire to termination.
  • Create a cross-division campus process assessment/improvement team to identify at least one major business process whose improvement would improve services and reduce cost, and work with the appropriate offices to improve that process.
  • Continue IT sustainability and cost-containment efforts including server virtualization, outsourcing, open sourcing and cloud computing.
  • Collaborate with the New York 6 institutions to provide improved services to the Hamilton community and reduce cost.                             

1Foundations for Hamilton’s Next 200 Years (2009) - http://www.hamilton.edu/strategicplan/strategicplanfinalsl.pdf