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Doceri Case Study: Gary Wyckoff

Video Recording

Time Indices and Topics

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 1:23 - Professor Wyckoff introduces his use of Doceri
  • 2:00 - Describes work with students that led to use of iPad and Doceri
  • 2:50 - Description of goals (iPad-facilitated annotation and sharing of annotations with students)
  • 3:37 - Presentation of Wyckoff's Doceri classroom setup
    • (NOTE: Doceri Desktop is actually available on all classroom computers)
  • 6:15 - Questions about licensing and use of multiple iPads
  • 7:30 - Professor Wyckoff describes his use of a Padlette(TM) to more easily and comfortably carry the iPad
  • 8:35 - Demonstration of Annotation features
  • 10:03 - Question about manipulation of computer screen in Annotation mode
  • 11:30 - Student use of Doceri in the classroom and unexpected benefits thereof
  • 13:10 - Saving and sharing annotations
    • (What follows is a bit of a "working period" during which attendees figure out and discuss saving and sharing annotated slides and how such a feature can be used in different scenarios)
  • 16:43 - Returning to previous annotations
    • (Leads to another "working session" during which the ability to return to a previous annotation is discovered--ignore the procedure in the video and simply click on the folder in annotation mode in the upper-left-hand corner and select the annotation to which you want to return)
  • 20:17 - Demo of graph annotation
  • 21:00 - Question about printing out annotations on the spot
    • (Not really feasible from the iPad--can be accomplished from the classroom computer.)
  • 22:25 - Using Doceri to annotate tables
  • 25:00 - Explanation of the difference between "Annotation Mode" and "Control Mode"
  • 26:50 - Question about "Range" of Doceri, i.e. "can you walk away from the classroom and remain connected to the computer?"
  • 27:35 - Conversation about saving, recalling, and sharing annotations
  • 29:20 - Benefits of being untethered from the podium: eye contact, increase movement, change in connection with students and overall classroom dynamics
  • 31:45 - Using the whiteboard to work out problems: possibilities and complications
    • (Doceri whiteboard is an essential feature)
  • 33:16  - Brief recording glitch
  • 33:20 - Question about using complicated programs with Doceri
  • 34:50 - Cautionary tale about making things too complicated in the classroom and detracting from the content
  • 36:40 - Can the iPad display be streamed wirelessly?
    • (No.)
  • 39:58 - Question about Powerpoint Presentation Mode--can Doceri be used to simulate Presentation Mode?
    • (No. Presentation Mode is only available at the moment in classrooms with an Apple iMac computer.)
    • (Also, in classrooms with iMacs and the ability to use Presentation Mode, Doceri will show the Presentation mode unless Powerpoint is configured in such a way that it shows the full-screen slides on both the computer and projector displays.)
    • More conversation about general classroom issues and ITS/Faculty communication
  • 48:48 - Conversation about how iPads might be used in attendee classes
    • 49:10 - Classics/Language
  • 51:45 - Demonstration of returning to previous annotations, sharing to Blackboard
    • (Annotations are automatically saved)
  • 56:10 - Timeline/Review feature demoed.
  • 58:10 - How to obtain/install Doceri; how the Doceri "At-No-Cost" version works
    • 1:02:50 - One can use their own computer to practice using Doceri before going "live"
  • (The remainder of the video consists of random experimentation)


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