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Geographic Information Systems

Hamilton provides access to ESRI's ArcGIS software in the public Windows labs and on faculty office/lab Windows computers.  We have ArcGIS 10 with several extensions such as Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst.  We also have a site license for ENVI, which is an application for processing and analyzing geospatial imagery.  Please contact DIS (x5347) for installation of this software and ITSS (x4877) for assistance with its use.

Other GIS tools which you are free to explore on your own include:

  • ArcGIS Explorer Online is a free web-based mapviewer from ESRI which also comes in a downloadable desktop version
  • Mapserver is an open-source platform for publishing spatial data and interactive mapping applications
  • Quantum GIS is a user-friendly open-source Geographic Information System
  • GRASS GIS is an open-source Geographic Resources Analysis Support System
  • OSGEOLive "allows you to try a wide variety of open source geospatial software without installing anything"
  • Mapbox is an open-source platform
  • CartoDB is a web-based platform
  • Clark Labs produces Idrisi Selva and other land-modeling software (fee-based)
  • Manifold is a visually-oriented alternate GIS (fee-based)
  • Intergraph is an engineering-oriented GIS (fee-based)
  • MapInfo is a more business-oriented GIS (fee-based)
  • Maptitude is another business-oriented GIS (fee-based)
  • GISCloud claims it is the "world's first full-featured web-based GIS powered by Cloud Computing"
  • Ortelius is relatively inexpensive, visually stunning and created for the Macintosh
  • Cartographica is also a GIS for for the Macintosh

Hamilton's resources for GIS support are somewhat limited at this time, but there are many online resources for learning about and using GIS.  See the great resources available at our GIS Support Resources page.

There are many sources of geographic data on the Internet; please visit our GIS Data Sources page for some of the more interesting and/or reliable ones.


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