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How to Change Your Password in Sophos

For personally owned computers

This document is for users who have changed their Hamilton network password (the password you use when logging in to Hamilton-owned computers in labs or offices.) NOTE:  If you used the “Change Password Form” in My Hamilton to change your e-mail password, it also changed your network password. Sophos will not automatically detect your new password and until you execute the steps below, Sophos will be unable to receive critical virus updates.


1. Click on your Start button (lower left corner of your screen) and choose All Programs.
2. Open the Sophos folder in the list of programs and then select the Sophos Endpoint Security and Control folder. Within that folder, select the Sophos Endpoint Security and Control program.
3. From the Sophos menu, select Configure, and then choose the Configure Updating button. 

4. In the window labeled Properties for Sophos AutoUpdate (see below) select the Primary location tab.
5. In the boxes labeled Password: and Confirm password: please enter your new network password.
6. Click OK to close the Sophos Endpoint Security and Control window.


1. Click on the black Sophos shield located in the Apple Menu bar near the clock in the upper right corner.

2. Select Open Preferences from the drop-down menu.
3. Verify that the padlock located in the lower left hand corner is not locked (see below).  If it is locked, please click on the padlock and type in your computer’s password.
a. Click OK to close the authentication window.
4. Click on the icon labeled AutoUpdate at the top of the AutoUpdate window (see below).
5. In the Primary Location section at the top, in the box labeled Password:, please enter your new password.
6. Quit this screen by clicking on the red dot and then go to the Sophos Anti-Virus menu (next to your Apple menu icon) and select Quit Sophos Anti-Virus.


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