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Burke Library - 3rd Floor

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October 2014

Fall break is nearly upon us! Good luck with midterms, et al.

35mm may be checked out for break, due Monday at 5pm. All other camera loans equipment is due Wednesday at 5pm.


Welcome to our new hires: Shirley, Mike, Mike, and Paula!



Guest Printing

If a patron comes up to the desk and inquires about "Guest Printing", please send them over to the Circulation desk. In an effort to provide guests of the college printing access, the Circulation desk will be able to provide them the appropriate username and password.

PC Questions

If you get questions about either the printers or computers in the PC area, please help as best you can to resolve the issue. If you cannot solve an issue, please inform the Reference Libraian on staff (on the other side of the service desk) and they will inform the appropriate personnel.

Food Policy

The food policies for working at the service points are identical to the policies for patrons in the service area. At the Info Desk, light snacks and covered drinks are allowed, per the library policy. At the DAL, NO food or drink is allowed.

Printing Policy

COLOR Printing is restricted to Hamilton Faculty, Staff and Students only.  This is because our limited resources are  intended for course support. If you have a patron who is not a member of the Hamilton community, please refer them to the policy listed on the poster above the printers.

Patrons may only print ONE copy of any given document on the color printers. If they need multiple copies, please direct them to the Print Shop or an intern/professional staff.


If a student is unable to print, there are several possible issues.

  • The student may be using the libguest account. Encourage them to log in using their Hamilton username and password.
  • Make sure the PaperCut client is open and connected properly.
  • Verify that the printer to see if it is functioning.
  • Check the PrintQueus on the printx server, and if necessary clear the print queue (see instruction sheet).
  • Try sending the job to a different printer.
  • As always, make a TrackIt ticket using the patron's username so we can see if it is a problem with their account!

Emergency Procedures

If an emergency arises (fire alarm, etc) that requires you to leave the building, please move to the lawn area in front of the North Dorm. You are by no means required to be responsible for other people in the labs, just get yourself safely out of the building.

The lawn area is our primary location to gather in an emergency. If we need to move farther away, we will instruct you to move to the Commons Dining Hall. This is our secondary emergency location. It is important that you gather there so Nikki or Terry can identify you.