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Policies - Responsible Use of Networks and Computer Facilities

Hamilton College is a private institution fully committed to the ideals of academic freedom, freedom of expression, and cultural diversity. At the same time, inappropriate behavior and malicious misuse of computing resources that in any way degrades the College equipment and services or violates the rights of others in the community is strictly prohibited.  Personal use of these systems for other than work-related matters should be minimal and limited so that it does not incur additional cost to the College, does not prevent the employee from attending to and completing work effectively and efficiently, and does not preclude others with work-related needs from using the resources, including the shared campus and Internet bandwidth. 

Individual Responsibility

While ITS is responsible for monitoring the use of computer systems, it is also the responsibility of all individuals in the Hamilton community to urge their peers and colleagues to use the network and systems appropriately. This is the only way that the integrity and availability of the network and systems can be ensured for everyone. Each member of the community is responsible for using only those accounts or computers for which he or she has authorization and is responsible for protecting all passwords. Individual responsibility includes respecting the rights of other users. Individuals are urged to report unauthorized use of computers, networks, or other ITS facilities on campus by calling the ITS e-mail administrator or notifying the Vice President for Information Technology.

Institutional Privileges

Hamilton College reserves the right to allocate resources in different ways in order to achieve maximum usage. To accomplish this, the system administrators may suspend or terminate privileges of individuals without notice if malicious misuse or use inconsistent with this policy, any other College policy, or applicable law is discovered. Privileges may also be suspended, without notice, to meet time-dependent, critical operational needs. System administrators may also limit the number of messages or files that each user has in order to keep the system functioning.

Legal Compliance

All existing federal and state laws and College regulations and policies apply to the use of computing resources and all users of such resources are required to be in compliance with all laws, regulations and policies at all times. This includes not only those laws and regulations that are specific to computers and networks, but also those that apply generally to personal conduct.  As such, any of these resources may be subject to review by designated College personnel in accordance with College policies.



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