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More Thesis Joys

April 17, 2007   So I now have access, via my own personal key, to two separate labs in the psych department.  I'm not going to lie-- I feel like such a VIP when I break out my keys to get into my lab rooms.  Of course, once the initial VIP-ness fades, then that means I'm actually IN my lab room and thus have to do immense loads of work.  It's all downhill after the initial door-opening joy.

I've migrated to room 3042, which is down the hall from the room in which I had my eye tracking stuff and did all my data collection, because now I've moved onto (exciting drumroll) DATA ENTRY. And since I'm doing different things now, I CLEARLY need a different environment in which to do them. This new room has three different computers in it and lots of windows and light, which makes me happy.  I have been sitting at one of the computers to enter my data and using another computer across the room to fulfill the very important task of blasting internet radio while I work, because of course the computer I have to use doesn't have speakers. I basically sit there typing in ridiculous amounts of digits into Microsoft Excel and taking about 20 minutes per participant (I have 56 participants... do the math here), while intermittently shooting across the room in my rolling chair to change the radio station.  It's probably more work to shoot around in the chair than it is to just get up and walk, but I'm really starved for fun right now, if you couldn't tell. I also used my equivalency (in short, you can get food at the diner on campus if you don't swipe your card for a meal during the day, and each meal corresponds to a certain amount of money/items at the diner) the other day to get a bag of pretzel rods, which I have stashed in my data entry room. I figure that if I always get hungry at night, I'll be FORCED to come to the room to get the pretzels, thus tricking myself into typing more numbers. I worried for a second about telling you that I have this hidden stash, but then I remembered that I'm one of like four people on campus who have a key to the room. So unless you can pick locks, good luck getting at my pretzels.

As of right now, I have 41 participants entered, which means I have 15 to go. This translates to roughly five hours, or roughly 75 internet radio songs and the entire bag of pretzels. Now that I think about it, that's actually not too bad. I am in a tunnel of spreadsheet data and I see the light at the end of it.  All right, I'm off to the room.  You're jealous.