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The Death of My Article

May 5, 2006   


Recently, my boss and I went to hear the deputy assistant secretary of state for public diplomacy talk about her visit to a certain highly-publicized detainee facility. It was a very interesting presentation, and I learned a lot of things about the procedures there, which, to be honest, are a lot more humane than I had previously believed.

My boss asked me to write a "puff piece" on the detainee center, basically to tell people it’s not as bad as they think. I did adequate research on the topic and wrote a pretty good article for him. In the State Department, there are about 6 people who are allowed to speak publicly about the detention center. I am not one of them, so it had to go through approximately 892424 people before it could be published. As I had anticipated, the article caught fire was immediately sequestered.

Bureaucracy: 1, Me: 0