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Life Down the Hill

February 22, 2013   

I LOVE my new room this semester. LOVE IT. My overwhelming fondness for my single could be related to the fact that I had lived in quads the past two years. Quads were fun, but it was time for my own space.

I currently live in Skenandoa, which is a little ways down the hill and across from Bundy, another big dorm.  As my friend once described, "Oh, Skenandoa? It looks just like Barnes and Noble in there!" I can actually see her point - it has new carpeting, clean walls, and the common room furniture is a step up from that of other dorm rooms. But, best of all…my room is a SINGLE. With my very own bathroom and shower! It is not the biggest of rooms, but I have worked wonders with the space that I do have, in my completely unbiased opinion. I have a tv and stereo (thank you parents) and mini fridge. My boyfriend even installed a coat rack by the door. For decoration, I hung some old music posters and a couple of beautiful scrolls I got while in China. I am sure that I paid too much for them - it wasn't my best bargaining day - but they are beautiful!  One is blue mountain scenery, and the other, smaller one is an intimidating-looking Mongolian warrior. Not the typical choice for a girl's room, I suppose, but I thought he looked neat.

But what is it that really completes my room? The plants! My room is home to a lucky bamboo plant and two other small plants, courtesy of the New Hartford Walmart. I always feel a bit guilty when I shop at Walmart, destroying small businesses one small Walmart purchase at a time….but I had a burning desire to buy a plant at 11:00 pm on a Sunday, and my options were limited. Miraculously, I have kept all of them alive, even the one that requires daily water.

There are drawbacks to Sken - for instance, it is not the most social of dorms. People aren't exactly willing to go down the hill for a party or to hang out. This also works out in my favor, however, because for the first time on campus I can study in my room without distractions. Most of my friends this year live up the hill on the Darkside, but everything is equally far from Skenandoa anyway - at least, as far as anything can get on Hamilton's campus (meaning no more than 10 minutes walk).

So yes, the hill is a pain when trying to get to a 9 am class. Or when going to HEAT dance practice at 9 pm. But my room is completely, 100% mine and I love it!