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Just When We Thought Spring was Here

April 2, 2013   

This past weekend I returned from spring break to find the Hill somewhat changed.  The snow banks melted away and Martin’s Way was thankfully clear of ice. The golf course shone green with grass once more; the mountain of crusty snow blocking entrance to the Glen had finally subsided.  Over the past two weeks spring weather overtook the Hill, erasing most traces of winter.

Hamilton never seemed so easy going than this past weekend.  Campus seemed free and colorful after being buried under a blanket of white for so many months. Students and faculty practically lived outside, sharing the warmth and happiness of the day.  The collective mood of the student body was absolutely gleeful—gleeful to be outside, gleeful to be back at school… it was a fantastic Sunday, even with the start of classes looming over us.

Tuesday, however, was painful.  Nature teased our spirits by giving us just a morsel of spring—last night, winter came back to the Hill.  I awoke this morning to an all too familiar sight: the roads were covered with snow, and frost clung to the edges of my window.  I gave a long moan and hoped it was all a dream.  I have had enough of slipping on the ice outside my door, of tacking rock salt wherever I go.  Alas, this spring snow is an unpleasant reality—what is more, it is still snowing!

Winter casts a long shadow at Hamilton—longer than in most places.  We live in a seemingly endless pattern of frigid temperatures and biting winds.  While my spirits dip with the thermometer, I have not yet given up hope.  The winter cannot last through the year—eventually, the clouds will part, and the bright sun will bring spring back to the Hill.  Eventually, campus will regain its warm vibrancy.