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Nearing the home stretch

April 4, 2012   

So, as is usually the case, March concluded and in its wake came the beginning of April. Obvious statements aside, it also brought the realization that there are less than four weeks left in the semester and my time in the nation's capital. This was fairly surprising--sure, this semester is a couple weeks shorter than usual, but this has gone by extraordinarily quick. Add to that, I can be sure that this next month will fly by at light speed as well, considering the schedule ahead. Three of the four weekends I can look forward to visits from some friends from home, a 20-page term paper beckoning (how fun!...), a few sports games coming up, and the usual weekly activiities with the rest of the group.

At least we've begun to take advantage of the great weather down here for which we usually have to wait much longer up in Clinton. With every day in the 60s and 70s, a bunch of us in the program have taken to hitting up a nearby basketball court and getting pick-up games going, often with other folks from the neighborhood joining. It's a great way to unwind after a day at our internships and get a jump on our summer tans, as well as experience a new side of the culture the District has to offer. Granted, my jumper could use plenty of work, but it's still great to get out there four or five days a week.

My roommate Sam and I took advantage of a part of the culture more customarily associated with the city last week, too. As part of our class discussions each week, the topic of healthcare reform has come up frequently, and we managed to see the debate (or a side of it) live during a lunch break. We got word of a planned visit by Rick Santorum to the Supreme Court to voice his opinion on the building's steps. Many protesters and proponents alike had taken to the sidewalk in front of the Court days before, and were there to witness the presidential candidate's arrival and remarks. When Sam and I got there, a large crowd was surrounding Santorum, including about twenty reporters with microphones intruding on his personal space. To be honest, we couldn't really hear what he was saying owing to the number of chants that had begun once he arrived, but it was certainly a memorable experience to see him in person. After a five-minute address and comments for the media, he took off in his heavily-flanked SUV and headed back to the campaign trail. 

But for now, I look ahead to my time left here and definitely hope to take advantage of all it has to offer--don't worry, I'll keep you updated.