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TVs in the Fitness Center

February 10, 2008   Tuesdays and Thursdays my workout schedule is made for me. I signed up for the Cardio Kick Winter Wellness class, which I'll describe in more detail later, but basically it entails cramming into a room with 80 other girls and punching and kicking to ridiculous techno remixes of last month's top hits. I jab when told to jab; I squat when told to squat. There is very little thinking involved which I appreciate in a workout.

Now, I can normally get my butt to the gym two more times a week, depending on workload, and I have a good schedule for when I'm there. I like to start with cardio for about half an hour, so we're talking about the elliptical or the treadmill. Then I spend a few minutes alternating between a couple different ab and lower back work outs. These are generally facilitated by strategically tilted and weighted boards. About half the time I convince myself to get in some sort of weightlifting for my arms, the rest of the time I head straight for the mats to stretch and cool down. After a good stretch I'm out of there. Any longer and I lose interest and energy.

Now here's the curve ball: the last few times I've gone to the gym my feet have never left the elliptical. I can't seem to tear myself away and I end up pushing through cardio for an hour because I just can't miss the elimination section on America's Next Top Model. That's right, TVs mounted across the front of the gym with headphone jacks in each machine have made it impossible for me to run my workout on schedule. I climb off the elliptical with shaky legs and head straight for a good stretch on the mats. At that point, I skip the rest of my routine and leave the gym debating whether or not this new workout makes me hard-core or more lazy than ever.

I suppose it's not a real dilemma. I'm bound to walk in someday with the TVs already halfway through some appealing episode or maybe they'll just have nothing on at all. I'll reclaim my scheduled routine soon enough and, in the meantime, my legs are getting a heck of a workout.