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Too Many Activities Going On

February 12, 2013   

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is an organization largely responsible for bringing activities to the campus (self explanatory huh?). They host an array of activities including movie nights, acoustic coffee houses, various concerts and comedy acts. In the past, we have had big performances by the likes of Passion Pit, Ingrid Michaelson, Michael Ian Black and many other groups.

This past Friday, CAB did a screening of Skyfall, the newest James Bond installment, and Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson’s latest film project. The event had lots of free popcorn, soda and pizza, and it was a nice and easygoing Friday evening. Moonrise Kingdom is a personal movie favorite of mine so you can guess how excited I was when I won an official movie poster from a CAB raffle!

On Saturday evening the choir presented the musical Iolanthe. I had never heard of the musical prior to that evening, but the Hamilton College choir offered a wonderful performance.

This week marks the beginning of FebFest! Here is a brief history sent out in a campus email:
“Hamilton’s first Winter Carnival was held in 1938, with sporting events, fraternity dance parties, a Queen of the Carnival contest, outdoor activities, and a figure skating exhibition with members of the Olympic team. This week of events remained a Hamilton tradition until it faded out in the mid-50’s. The Winter Carnival was brought back to the Hill in 2000 with the new and improved name: FebFest!”

Today, as part of Febfest, I attended a cheese tasting from local farms in the area. It was delicious but let's just say I probably consumed enough cheese for my weekly dairy intake - haha. There is also a chocolate tasting later on the in week and a bunch of other events - I will keep you posted!